VHF 5W / UHF 4W output power
128 Groups of memory channels
Wide (25kHz) and Narrow (12.5kHz) available
ANI code
VOX built-in
Scan function
Three color LCD backlight display
Emergency call
Programmable by PC
Technical Specification
Frequency Range 136-174MHz / 400-438MHz
Operating Temperatare -20`+50
Operating Voltage DC7.4V 
Operate Mode Simplex or Semi-duplex
Size 115mm * 62mm * 30mm(Not included antenna)
Weight 228g(including battery)
Antenna Impedance 50

Frequency Stability }2.5ppm 
Output Power 5W 
MaxFrequency Deviation 5KHz 
Audio Distortion 3%
Modulation Character +3dB`-3dB 
Adjacent Channel Power 65dB
Spurious Radiation 7.5W
Occupied Bandwidth 16KHz

RF Sensitivity <0.2V 
Audio Distortion 3%
Audio Response +2dB`-10dB 
Same Channel Restrain -8dB 
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 55dB
Intermodulation Rejection 55dB
Spurious Response 55dB
Blocking 85dB

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